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SKU: 364115376135191

Made with Belgian chocolate and double cream.

Each bag contains 8 generously sized truffles.



    Milk Chocolate: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian milk chocolate

    Dark Chocolate: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian dark chocolate

    White Chocolate: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian white chocolate

    Baileys: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian milk cholcate, Baileys Irish Cream, Irish cream paste

    Champagne: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian milk chocolate, Marc de Champagne paste, vodka, Belgian white chocolate

    Praline: cream, corn syrup, Belgian dark chocolate, praline paste, Belgain milk chocolate, hazelnuts

    Cappuccino: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian cappuccino chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate

    Caramel: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian caramel chocolate, Belgian milk chocolate

    Rum: cream, corn syrup, butter, Belgian dark chocolcate, rum paste, rum


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